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Susan Cooper


Susan studied massage therapy at ICT Kikkawa College in Toronto. She graduated with honours in 2001. Susan is a member of the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO).

Susan applies Myofascial & Suikodo techniques to eliminate or improve acute & chronic pain, repetitive strain, sports & work related injuries, stress & fatigue, headaches, whiplash, MVA, scar tissue & adhesions, past injuries, postural imbalances & dysfunction, as well as post-surgery rehabilitation.

Susan enthusiastically teaches and facilitates balance and healing to restore equilibrium within the body’s systems to create and maintain wholeness! “Your body knows best” innately!

“The magic is not in the medicine but in the patient’s body. What the (therapist) does is to stimulate Nature’s functions in the body, or to remove hindrances.” - C.S. Lewis

Pre-graduation studies include:

  • Suikodo - neuro-meridian stimulation (2001)
  • Myofascial Release - releases contracted muscles, increases circulation (blood/lymph), & stimulates the stretch reflex mechanism using the cranial-sacral system (2001)
  • Stillpoint Meditation I (2001)

Post-graduate studies include:

  • Structural Integration I (Resilience) & Structural Integration II (Myofascial Release – Assessment & Treatment) with Thomas Myers (based on Tensgrity & Anatomy Trains theories) (2014)
  • Thai Massage Training (2014)
  • Reiki I & II (2006)
  • Matrix Re-patterning Therapy (2005)
  • Energy & Grounding Techniques (2004)
  • Esoteric Healing Arts (2002)
  • Stillpoint Meditation II & III (2002, 2003)

Additional Courses:

  • Flow Yoga/Sivananda Hatha Yoga (2014)
  • Lumbar-Pelvic Integration Exercises (2010)
  • Diaphragmatic Breath Techniques (diaphragm & lung interaction) (2007)

We believe in complete holistic care of each PERSON, not just their symptoms, disease or disorders