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Meredith Kerrigan

CBHT Bowen Therapy

Meredith Kerrigan, CBHT offers Bowen Therapy, an effective fascial soft tissue bodywork for both chronic pain and acute injuries. Bowen's gift is the unwinding of the body's neurological system and any stress patterns within.

Meredith also specializes in The Emmett Technique, MSTR, a gentle surgical and physical injury scar tissue technique called McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release and Colour/Chromotherapy working with light frequencies. These techniques can be combined within a session as appropriate.

Meredith began her career as a wellness practitioner in the 1980s after life as a fitness instructor, CanFit Pro course conductor and senior personal trainer. She has worked within medical doctors’ practices with specialties in Diabetes, Cardiology and Family Practice with an MD who specialized in natural health prior to the establishment of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. Meredith was also part of a team that established the new Air Ambulance Programme at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Regional Trauma Centre serving the U of T Trauma Network of both Toronto and remote northern Ontario tertiary hospitals.

She has an extensive base of instructor certifications in various sports and has been an athlete in successful competition at both the Ontario and National levels. Meredith has a great understanding of injury and healing processes. Her personal challenges within the physical, emotional and mental injury (PTSD/Trauma/Domestic Violence) realms have given her great insight in order to assist others. Bowen Therapy became her 'game changer' after her firsthand experience of deep injury and despair to find a return to wellness, peace, joy and passion. Her greatest desire is to offer her skills to others who have a desire to restore to wholeness and wellness. She is an authorized Teacher/Tutor for the EMM-Tech (Emmett Technique) course now offered here in Canada.

We believe in complete holistic care of each PERSON, not just their symptoms, disease or disorders