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Lindsay Geiger


Lindsay studied Massage therapy at Georgian College. Her passion fuelled her to become a teacher at Oxford College teaching the Massage Therapy program. She thrives on continuous growth within the profession and is always motivating others through her mentorship programs.Whether she is traveling the world with Team Canada, collecting medals during major games like Maccabi Games, World Juniors, Orillia Games, KOOP Cup, SWATCH Tour and working with professional athletes from NHL, NFL & NBA. Nominated for multiple awards, the one she is most proud of is the Premiers Award. She launched her own company 5 years ago, Kneading Balance Services and an educated podcast, Lattes with Lindsay to help others better understand what each profession can do for them! Lindsay is always fuelled by education, Registered Massage Therapist, Certified Sports Nutritionist and Personal Trainer has brought light to maximizing change within her clientele. Sports is not her only strong suit, she also focuses on:

  • Pre/Post Operation
  • Fascial focused therapy applying Neuro-stim devices
  • Relaxation & Deep tissue treatments
  • Pre/inter & post pregnancy

There is no closed door with Lindsay, she will always be ready for the next challenge!

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